We believe the body is one of the most elegant and advanced creations on  this planet. The body knows how to heal itself and thrive. This process  may be impeded, however, when diseases are present. There are six major  areas which are important to address in order to achieve optimal  health. They include Neurology, Structure, Nutrition, Immune Function,  Detox, and Emotional well-being.

What We DO

chiropractic, adjustment, arthrostim, alignment


The basis of our practice and your health. How solid is your foundation?

nutrition, food, healthy, fruits, veggies, grains


They say you are what you eat, but why? Come learn about eating and living for optimal health!

AK, applied kinesiology, muscle testing

Applied Kinesiology (A.K.)

What if your body could tell you exactly what, where, and how much you need? Well, it can.

NeuroEmotional Technique (N.E.T.)

Ever notice how bad feelings affect your health? Resolve issues that keep you "stuck".

Quantum Neurology (Q.N.)

Cutting-edge neurol technique to "recharge" your bodies communication system

alleges, sensitivities to food, diet, grain, milk, cheese, eggs, soy, goo, pesticides

Food Sensitivities

Feeling depressed, joints hurting, bloated, foggy, or even hyper? It could be a reaction to your diet.

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